For decades, psychological and behavioral instruments, along with professional coaching and emotional intelligence workshops, have been used to enhance workplace effectiveness and interpersonal interactions. These insightful tools identify the skills and strengths of individuals while promoting a greater understanding for areas of potential growth.

Professional-Individual Corporate Coaching
TrainingPath’s Coaching sessions are designed to generate clearly defined actions at the intersection between your company’s goals and vision, and the aspirations of its leaders and managers.

DiSC Assessment Profile
Working from a solid foundation of mutual understanding and respect, the DiSC workshop will help participants learn how their own behavioral style corresponds to others and how the management of that style can significantly impact the overall success of the group. 

Understanding Personality Traits (MBTI)
MBTI can radically improve team dynamics by presenting a clear picture of the strengths and benefits associated with specific personality traits, while giving everyone the tools and common language needed to harness individual potential!

Increasing Efficacy through Belbin Roles Profile
The Belbin Team Roles Assessment is unique among assessment tool instruments in that it looks at people’s tendencies to behave, contribute and interrelate with each other within a team setting.

Using Emotional Intelligence to ExcelAssertiveness Training
When applied in an organization, an Emotionally Intelligent company is one in which each employee has a better understanding of how they can manage themselves more effectively while taking responsibility to contribute to their fullest.

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