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Cambodia LeagueTrainingPath Works With A Cambodia School Community

TrainingPath delivered a full-day Team Development training for these 7 amazing native Cambodian teachers of “Sustainable Cambodia”. Their energy and commitment to working as a unified and supportive team of educators was moving and inspirational. Upon completion of the Team Development skills workshop, they received certificates which were signed by the Project Coordinator Sorn Soknay and TrainingPath founder Roy Charette. The certificate identifies the topics of the workshop “Team development training, Communication skills, Presentation skills, Role-modeling and mentoring, and maintaining a positive attitude.” They also created list of Guiding Principles/Rules of Engagement (see picture) to use as a foundation for commitment and interaction.



Leading Guide of Principles

“Sustainable Cambodia is an organization whose mission is to help the Cambodian villages in which we work become self-sustaining communities where people want to live, with healthy water and facilities, good food, health care and education for the residents, where there is environmental and social responsibility, and employment that allows them to sustain and continually improve their quality of life. We accomplish this through a unique participatory empowerment model, providing resources, assistance, training and education to the members of the community. This empowers the families to revitalize their community and economy, creating a self-sustaining quality of life. In return, the families commit to passing on the gift by helping other families and communities.”


Receiving CertificatesTrainingPath was invited to observe the delivery of a workshop delivered by “The Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights” to provide presentation skills feedback as a way of improving the delivery of a critical message.

“The Cambodia League for the Protection and Defense of Human Rights would like to thank Roy Charette of TrainingPath for observing a workshop delivered by our Human Rights trainer Bun Saora and providing presentation skills feedback. We found his suggestions very helpful and we hope strongly that the TrainingPath will continue to work with and support us in the future.”