Bike Build Donation

Together we care.


The most popular philanthropic team building program in America, our Bike Builds are fun, worthwhile, charity events. Each bike that your group builds will come with a helmet, a lock for security and a bell or horn! This Bike Build will strengthen your team and touch their hearts while helping children in need. It will be an inspiring day that all will remember.

No team building company has organized more Bike Build Donations than our team.

Bike Builds are fun, exciting, worthwhile, charity events - and we've taken it one step further by adding an element that teaches children about the benefits of cycling and recycling!

The Bike Build program is one of our most popular philanthropic team building events. After a fun icebreaker to get everyone in gear; your group will be formed into teams.

Each team will receive a set of quizzes, puzzles and challenges to solve. Right answers will be rewarded with a trip to our bike store.

Teams will utilize tools including organization, delegation, collaboration, communication - and some mechanical skills. After your teams have build all of their bicycles, they race them! After the race, teams add bike accessories and personal touch decorations.

At the conclusion of the program, your group will present these beautiful, finished bicycles to needy children.

We can work with any charitable organization your group chooses for the donation. Or we can make the arranges with one of the many charities we work with including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Your Bike Build will strengthen your team and touch their hearts while helping children in need. It will be a moment that all will remember - a day where everyone wins!



  • Annual events
  • Company picnics
  • Community service days


Large area: meeting room, conference room or outdoors. 


  • Foster teamwork and cooperation
  • Creative, energetic challenge
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Give back to the community


20 to 1000+

Team SIZE:

6 to 10


2 to 3 hours