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During the COVID-19 pandemic, a global management consulting firm was looking for a virtual way to engage their team and integrate several new hires into the company culture and mix in a little fun for the group as well.


The virtual program developed for this client was a combination of speed networking via Zoom breakout rooms, polls, and chat conversations. Mixed in amongst the groups were several puzzle based games that forced groups to come together to problem solve, helping integrate the new hires into the companies work culture.

The Program

The programs started by welcoming the entire group in a main Zoom channel and allowing company leadership to welcome everyone and thank them for all of their hard work during these challenging times. A TrainingPath facilitator then began by opening up with some light polling with the group. The polling is an easy way to get everyone active and participating and with question likes, How many siblings do you have? or, Have you ever lived in another country? are fun ways to help the group get to know one another better. We follow each question by having the group type into the Zoom chat, what countries they have lived in and the team immediately lit up as the realized what . global group they were, learning something new about their co--workers.

The group was then set to a series of random breakout rooms of 5-6 participants. Rooms were scrambled each rotation so that you got face time with different colleagues. In each rotation, the group was given an ice breaker or problem-solving activity such as a word ladder, a series of 14 words that when strung together correctly is a series of compound words that all line up (ie, sea shore, shore line, line dance). It is a fun way to work with a group, develop an approach and try and solve the puzzle.

The final event was a company wide game of trivia, general trivia questions with a few company specific questions mixed in polled the group and led to a friendly competition for trivia supremacy! And as a feel good moment at the end, the companies leadership announced a series of cash donations to company selected charities.

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