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To bring that goal to reality, it was decided that folks would be able to better understanding each other, and thus relate and work at a higher level, if they all took part in a full-day program which highlighted personality styles. In addition the client wanted an opportunity to discuss how different people react to external circumstances and to have participants leave with a specific tool or template to better understand how to use each personality type to their advantage.

The Program

We implemented a program based around the Myers Briggs Personality Type Assessment. Participants filled-out an online 20-minute assessment sheet at some point during the 4 weeks leading up to the conference. On the day of the program, participants were introduced to the assessment concepts in an interactive and engaging presentation. During this time, participants were also introduced to engaging activities which helped to highlight the differences between the various personality types.

The participants were then shown their own results followed by a guided session to ensure a thorough understanding of the findings. After the presentation, the group was split into sub-teams based on personality types. We then engaged in conversations relating to how different personality types react to change, problem solving, decision making and team dynamics. From there the group participated in two engaging activities that brought home the themes from the MBTI results. To wrap up the general session, next steps were discussed and a plan was implemented to ensure the concepts and terminology could be applied in the workplace – promoting individual and team effectiveness.

After the workshop a number of participants engaged the facilitator for the next 2 ½ hours in one-on-one sessions, identifying and working on workplace relationship scenarios and issues. This client has since become a repeat customer on many additional programs.

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