Conflict Resolution


Conflict is a normal occurrence in even the healthiest of work environments.

This workshop will introduce participants to proven methods for managing existing issues and give them the tools to handle any clash and resulting discord with respect and professionalism as they arise. Managing conflict with these specific skills can be the difference between a simple “bump in the road” or lost productivity and long-term animosity.  

A central part of this workshop will be the introduction of the Thomas Kilmann Inventory assessment. Using the results of this inventory, the facilitator will show how one’s natural conflict-handling styles can be refined.  Strategies are introduced and honed to engender a workplace culture equipped to handle conflict.


  • Initiate dialogue to prevent conflicts from peaking
  • Encourage individuals to address rather than avoid conflict
  • Utilize the Thomas Kilmann Inventory as a tool kit for present and future issues resolution
  • Show the progressive steps that most conflicts follow and demonstrate how individuals can identify these steps
  • Provide detailed information about when a natural conflict-handling style is beneficial or inappropriate
  • Identify proven methods for conflict resolution
  • Alleviate the fear, anger, and frustration associated with conflict
  • Illustrate how to manage differences quickly and effectively


  • Prevented loss of productivity
  • Decreased “blow out” level conflicts
  • An informed group that can identify and therefore negate the most negative aspects of conflict
  • A higher functioning group
  • Increased communication
  • Diminishment of stress often caused by relationship friction
  • Recognition that conflict is unavoidable and a healthy natural function of any intact team


This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can accommodate up to 24 participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional trainers for the single event.  


One day