Outdoor Adventure Programs

Interactive Team-Building and Leadership Training


TrainingPath Outdoor Adventure Programs are moderate to high-level interactive teambuilding events that are designed to improve participants' skills in managing today’s dynamic and sometimes chaotic business environment.

We are capable of delivering anything from a moderate 3-hour event to a strenuous 7-day climbing and back-country adventure. Every program starts with a detailed needs assessment which guarantees the correct fit from our extensive menu of initiatives and activities. Each program is designed to enhance trust and teamwork, foster better communication, promote creative problem-solving, and to encourage a decisive response to anticipated and unanticipated challenges. TrainingPath will deliver each program with the main focus being a positive experience for each individual learner, enhancing their ability to function as a dynamic and inclusive team member.  A thorough debrief will follow each activity celebrating successes and identifying areas of improvement. Depending on the desired client outcomes, we will cover such critical areas such as team dynamics, task management, member’s roles, leadership styles, communication development and clear goal-setting to increase team efficiency in the workplace.

Outcomes to choose from include:

  • Increased communication skills – promoting effective methods for information sharing
  • To have fun and get to know each other better – establishing camaraderie and bonding between team members.
  • Developing relationships that are built around trust and respect
  • Developing a shared vision – effective planning and goal setting to achieve desired results
  • Barriers to team efficiency and how to overcome them
  • Greater comfort with change - identifying and calculating appropriate risk-taking in completing assigned tasks
  • Promoting individual accountability and follow through
  • Brain-storming and innovation techniques
  • Problem solving and completing tasks with limited resources
  • Developing enhanced methods for processing experiences

Activity Options Samples:

Hiking and Camping Expeditions: TrainingPath outdoor specialists average over 20 years of training in the outdoor field and have delivered adventure programs all over the country. These programs are custom tailored to any size group and are capable of being delivered in all 50 states – from ½ day, to a full-week of exciting and challenging events.

Spelunking: A powerful adventure activity that has participants exploring the amazing world below the surface of the earth.  

Raft-building: Each team is given a set of props with which they must build a floating vessel to race against other teams.   

Orienteering: Utilizing map and compass lessons, each sub-group will learn the art of successfully navigating through the woods  

Geo-caching: Handheld GPS systems are used to locate various hidden locations in parks and wooded areas – part scavenger hunt, part orienteering.

Indoor Rock Climbing:  Participants are challenged on 20’ to 35’ indoor rock climbing walls with very easy, to moderately difficult graded climbs. Groups and pairings will be supporting each other throughout with a focus on trust, support and individual challenge.

High Ropes Course:

At TrainingPath, we are partnered with some of the countries most dynamic rope courses - and only those that pass the industry inspection and qualification standards. High Ropes Course activities challenge participants with climbing options ranging from very easy to dynamic move events. The TrainingPath “Challenge by Choice” philosophy allows all participants to be involved at a level best for them and does not promote pushing anyone too far out of their comfort zone.  Although the events are designed to introduce several levels of challenge, no one is forced to climb or do anything they are not comfortable with.  Our skilled trainers can identify many different ways for all participants to stay involved and contribute so they can support the team while on the challenge course.   

Each high ropes course has its own unique identity and fingerprint. The 6-event sample below is from an exceptional course at the Warren Conference Center and Inn, located in Ashland Massachusetts – just 45 minutes outside of Boston. This destination property has a beautiful 50-room New England style Inn, and is a favorite of TrainingPath clients throughout Southern New England. 

The Flying Squirrel: This is a very popular event. Teams and individuals gain greater confidence, better communication skills and a sense of a shared mission on this element.  A participant is attached to the end of a rope that runs approximately 40-feet in the air to a pulley and back down to a group of 8 – 10 participants attached to the other end of the rope.  Working in unison, the “pony team” pulls the “flying squirrel” up to a desired height so they can enjoy the thrill of flying.

Giant’s Ladder: High ropes course. The Giant’s Ladder provides high climbing action on an oversized ladder that is made of beams and cables.  Teams of 3-4 people have limited time to plan, implement, review and make changes to their climbing strategy.   They also rely on their ground safety belay team to protect them as they climb this challenging element.

Catwalk: High ropes course. A horizontally positioned pole suspended between two trees 25 feet off the ground that requires balance and the belay support of participants on the ground to successful cross from one end to the other.

2-Line Bridge: High ropes course. A single foot cable with a hand line, participants need to traverse across a 50ft span while on a belay system. 
Multi-Vine - High ropes course. A foot cable that you traverse across while holding onto a series of hand lines that are suspended vertically and spaced far enough apart to challenge the participant to reach beyond their comfort zone.

The Zip Line: High ropes course. A very popular activity offers high-speed action and excitement for those who want to climb up a large tree to an elevated platform approximately 50 feet off the ground and zip down over 400 feet on a suspended steel cable, attached to a two wheeled pulley and safety tether.  The Zip Wire is a high-level culminating activity that requires internal trust and commitment to complete.

Low Ropes Course:

Low ropes elements take place on the ground or only a few feet above the ground. Under the right circumstances, these outstanding activities have the most powerful effect on team-dynamics as it relates very well to lessons concerning project management teams and individual responsibility and accountability.  

Acid River: Using boards and blocks, the entire team must cross a large expanse without touching the ground.

The Wall: A 14’ high wall must be safely scaled by the team without the use of any props.

Spider’s Web: A “low ropes” initiative where the team must determine how to accumulate as many points as possible by getting individuals through the “Spiders Web” within the given time-frame.

Mohawk Walk: This low ropes activity utilizes varying lengths of cable strung between trees 8 to 12 inches off of the ground to form a circuit. With the assistance of other team members, individuals walk across each span while accumulating points for their team. Multiple teams are required to reach a sub-team and total-team goal.

Are These Activities Safe?

With all adventure programs, the perceived risk is high but the actual risk is low. Safety is the number one concern for our experienced trainers. We specialize in having the ability to thoroughly introduce activities in a detailed way which allows all of the participants to understand and recognize how systems work and how to minimize that risk. These trainers are detail oriented and have an average of over 20 years of ropes course and outdoor adventure experience. They will manage any hesitation or trepidation on the client’s part with respect and a high degree of understanding. Although encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity at hand, no one is ever “forced” to do anything that they are not ready to do. 


This program can be conducted for any group size. The number of trainers will vary based on the location(s), activity choices and length of program.


Anywhere from a 3-hour program to 7-day multi-activity expeditions