Customized Team Building

Workshops to Develop High-Performance
Teams for a Competitive Edge


Relevant Team building training and development is a fundamental tenant of high-performing Groups

Utilizing a variety of proven activities and associated methodologies, this workshop is designed to position leaders and various interconnected groups within your organization with the tools and strategies for collaborative team success.

With the focus on team building training and development, TrainingPath's customized workshop has evolved from a combination of thousands of deliveries and several decades of experience. A needs assessment will assure that the workshop is designed to improve your teams performance while paying attention to the specific attributes related to your industry, your specific company, the associated departments and member locations and the personalities within your group.

The hands-on and challenging initiatives which are introduced as part of the workshop are interactive and energizing. The rich discussions which occur both during and after each segment of the training will highlight the various attributes and associated skills and habits of collaborative team members.  which will help to transform your talented group of individual contributors into an efficient and productive goal-focused group.


  • Boost employee satisfaction
  • Teach individuals to identify and appreciate the strengths of their peers
  • Demonstrate that it is possible to anticipate and even embrace workplace challenges
  • Increase retention levels and the value of each employee
  • Reveal how clearly defining goals translates into achievement
  • Turn your office into an interactive and responsive environment
  • Show individuals how to be receptive to ideas they previously would have disregarded
  • Replace poor habits and patterns with empowering strategies that will become second nature
  • Introduce effective methods of information sharing


  • A shared vision among team members
  • Increased comfort with change
  • An understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of internal and external competition
  • An appreciation for colleagues on all levels
  • Bonding through problem-solving and the successful completion of challenges
  • The tools and knowledge to complete tasks on tight time-lines and with limited resources
  • Individual accountability and follow through
  • An experience that is engaging, enjoyable and informative


This program can be conducted for groups of any size.  Length of program, activities chosen, and number of participants are determining factors for the final design.  


2-hours to Two Days