Teaming for Success

Developing High-Performance Teams
for a Competitive Edge


An effective and efficient team is a tenant to the success of any organization. Utilizing a variety of proven activities and methodologies, this team building workshop is designed to give companies the edge that will help push them a step ahead of the competition.

Our dynamic Team Building program has evolved from a combination of thousands of deliveries and several decades of experience. A design which is tailor-made to the specific needs of your industry, company, department - even as granular as the personalities of your group, and the results are astounding and memorable.  

The Team Building program will:

  • Boost employee satisfaction
  • Teach individuals to identify and appreciate the strengths of their peers
  • Demonstrate that it is possible to anticipate and even embrace workplace challenges
  • Increase retention levels and the value of each employee
  • Reveal how clearly defining goals translates into achievement
  • Turn your office into an interactive and responsive environment
  • Show individuals how to be receptive to ideas they previously would have disregarded
  • Replace poor habits and patterns with empowering strategies that will become second nature
  • Introduce effective methods of information sharing


  • A shared vision among team members
  • Increased comfort with change
  • An understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of internal vs. external competition
  • An appreciation for colleagues on all levels
  • Bonding through problem-solving and the successful completion of challenges
  • The tools and knowledge to complete tasks on tight time-lines and with limited resources
  • Individual accountability and follow through
  • An experience that is engaging, enjoyable and informative


This program can be conducted for groups of any size. Length of program, activities chosen and number of participants will determine final design.


1/2 Day to 2 Days