Workshop: "Team Performance Ladder"

Our #1 Team Development Program!

A totally customizable program, Igniting Team Performance is a fun and engaging session which will guide your group through a progressive series of interactive and challenging teambuilding activities. Interspersed throughout will be rich processing discussions which focus on high-performing team characteristics. The group will be given an opportunity to showcase effective leadership, enhanced communication skills and time and meeting management. They will also explore delegation techniques while positioning others for success. Geared toward both individual and group performance, this workshop will showcase current skills and attributes while highlighting areas for improvement. The meaningful conversations that take place during the processing and debriefing of these experiences will provide participants an opportunity to connect the lessons to the workplace – attributing to the enhancement of individual and team performance.

The session will include mixing the sub-teams during each of the individual initiatives thereby giving participants an opportunity to network with many others while getting to know each other better.  

This 3-hour workshop will touch on the following: 

  1. Get to Know Each Other Better and garner a better understanding of each other’s skill sets while experiencing camaraderie and bonding between team members.

  2. Increased Communication Skills – promoting effective techniques for information sharing.

  3. Teambuilding – Direct hands-on activities which identify and promote effective techniques and the specific attributes of high-performing teams.

  4. Enhance Trust and Respect - Developing relationships that are built on the foundation of good intentions and driving toward a shared goal.

  5. Diversity and Differences - how the unique traits of each individual factor into a team’s composition, including cultural and personality highlights.

  6. Furthering an Appreciation, Acknowledgement and big-picture understanding of colleagues in other departments.

  7. Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of Internal and External competition and the organizational benefit of sharing best practices.

  8. Goal Setting - The importance of developing a Shared Vision and Role Clarification pertaining to short and long-term company and performance goals. Accountability, Effective Planning and Follow-through. Who will do what by when and with help from whom.

  9. Identifying and calculating appropriate Risk-Taking in completing assigned tasks.

  10. Developing efficient Brain-Storming and Innovation techniques.

  11. Problem Solving and completing tasks with limited resources.

  12. Developing and enhancing methods for Processing Experiences.

  13. Managing the Unexpected – How to maximize the combination of intelligence and experience to become masters in the art of improvisation


  • Time ~ 2 - 3.5 Hours

  • Participants - 6 to 200+

  • Physical Component - Walking and moving between activity stations

Workshop: "The benefits of Collaboration"

This active and engaging session will demonstrate the attributes of team collaboration through a progressive series of hands-on initiatives.

Our 5-phased approach includes:

  1. 2 sub-teams completing different challenging and fast-paced team-building activities

  2. Creating a lesson plan based on the lessons and results from the experience

  3. Coaching the other group on the activity in real-time

  4. Each team then completing the new task based on the lesson while attempting to out-perform the original benchmark

  5. Engaging in a rich discussion for applying these collaborative principles to the workplace.

Ideal for managerial training, project teams, and any group where sharing best practices and positioning each other for success is promoted for organizational success. Great for creating a bonding atmosphere and celebrating the success of the entire group.

  • Time ~ 2 - 3.5 Hours

  • Participants - 6 to 200+

  • Physical Component - Walking and moving between activity stations