Our #1 Team Development Program!


This engaging Training Path program will guide your group through a progressive series of challenging teambuilding activities interspersed with rich processing discussions which focus on high-performing team characteristics. Throughout the event, the participation in these engaging and interactive initiatives will promote leadership development, effective meeting management, delegation and individual responsibility, enhanced communication skills, and sharing of best practices.  Each initiative will  also showcase the current skills and attributes of the team, with areas for improvement identified and discussed for immediate application to subsequent activities. The meaningful conversations that take place during the processing and debriefing of these experiences will provide participants an opportunity to connect the lessons to the workplace – attributing to the enhancement of individual and team work understanding and performance.

the benefits of Collaboration

This active and engaging session will demonstrate the attributes of team collaboration through a series of hands-on initiatives. Our 4-phased approach includes 2 sub-teams completing different challenging and fast-paced team-building activities, each group creating a lesson plan and then coaching the other group the activity in real-time, the teams completing the new task based on the lesson, and then engaging in a rich discussion for applying these collaborative principles to the workplace. Ideal for managerial training, project teams, and any group where sharing best practices and positioning each other for success is promoted for organizational success. Great for creating a bonding atmosphere and celebrating the success of the entire group.

  • Time ~ 2 - 4 Hours
  • Participants - 6 to 200+
  • Physical Component - Walking and moving between activity stations