Increasing Efficiency

Using Belbin Team Roles Profile


Efficiency is the supreme goal of any organization, but surprisingly little time is ever spent cultivating it.  Why is one team more efficient than another?  What can a manager do to increase individual effectiveness and have that transfer to greater overall efficiency for the group or intact team?

The Belbin Team Roles Assessment is unique among assessment tool instruments in that it looks at people’s tendencies to behave, contribute and interrelate with each other within a team setting. It is a 360° feedback tool that gives not only a self-perception inventory but a complete picture from a collective colleague’s perspective. It can be used for many purposes ranging from determining the critical team rolls that may be lacking in a specific group, to an assessment tool for hiring, or for personal and team development—with increased efficiency the ultimate goal.



  • Show managers how to delegate various responsibilities to the right individuals
    in order to utilize everyone’s full potential.
  • Demonstrate how managers can unlock skills and talents which are under-utilized in their current role.
  • Offer insight as to how individuals can create a plan to develop personal effectiveness
  • Identify individuals’ skill sets and natural talents and align them with specific
    roles in which they will be most successful
  • Suggest career paths or job placement
  • Give participants a complete picture of their existing behavior pattern and its influence on the team
  • Explain the benefits of 360° feedback and why different people may see the
    results differing ways


  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness for individuals and the group as a whole
  • A better understanding of what others need to be effective so that you can
    interact accordingly
  • Individuals matched with tasks that they are equipped to handle
  • A well-rounded team of individuals who compliments one another
  • A group that is working to its full potential
    Individuals knowing better how to utilize others to the team’s overall benefit
  • Participants being more self-aware of how other people perceive them and how
    to improve upon team roles that are less preferred.


This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can accommodate up to 24 participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional trainers for the single event.


One day