Stress Management

Stress Management Training and Techniques to Enhance your Passion and Fulfillment


Stress is a fact of life. In a survey conducted by NIOSH (National Institution for Occupational Safety and Health), fully 40% of workers indicated that their job was “very or extremely stressful”. The study translated into “tens of billions of dollars of economic loss in terms of the whole arena of job stress”. And stress is not confined to the workplace. Combine family, financial and time-management issues and its no wonder that we feel overwhelmed at times!

The good news is that more and more companies are incorporating anti-stress workshops and related programs to assist their employees in the management of stress in their lives.

The result of this engaging workshop is that you will be equipped with the tools, strategies, and techniques to handle stress on a 24x7 basis! Not only could you be more prolific at work, but you could also positively affect long-term stress-related health detriments including premature aging, hypertension, anxiety, and decreased efficiency of the immune system.

Our Stress Management program uses a unique interactive approach to teach participants how to identify and manage personal stressors at work and at home. Solution-oriented techniques and collaborative exercises produce effects that will transcend expectations. We also share plenty of laughter in this workshop – while exploring the positive effects of happiness to our overall well-being. 


  • Identify the true definition of “stress” and identify which types of stress are actually beneficial to you!
  • Reveal the effects that diet, sleep, and exercise have on health and productivity
  • Identify proven methods for coping with unhealthy stress
  • Allow participants to practice execution of these methods in order to guarantee success under even the toughest circumstances
  • Explain how it is possible to improve certain environmental factors
  • Examine the importance of a sense of humor and discover how it can be developed to combat stress and increase personal and professional satisfaction
  • Explore the “4 stress zones”. Determine the level of stress and anxiety you feel in a variety of situations, and how to control them.
  • Create you own “Stress Management Power List” for enhanced work/life balance


  • Increased productivity
  • A positive outlook and refreshed attitude
  • Higher levels of creativity
  • Tools and strategies for coping with stress
  • A grasp of the correlation between health and success


This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can accommodate up to 24 participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional trainers for the single event. 


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