Improvisational Experts

Managing the Unexpected with Authority


Global competition and the opportunities created by the world market demand that managers and leaders at every level be masters of innovative thinking and improvisational excellence.

Specific improvisation and communication techniques have been honed for decades by gifted theatrical, musical and business experts. This course is designed to train managers and other decision makers how to adapt to changing situations while making quick reliable decisions that align with strategic business goals.  

Contrary to the prevailing belief that improvising means that you are unprepared, true improvisation has its foundation in discipline, strategy and the practice of various “structures” which translate into leaders who manage faster, better and smarter. This business improvisation workshop is also designed to improve participants' communication skills and to enhance a leader’s ability to leverage the available resources for the best possible outcome. Its proven approach uses theatre and improvisational techniques to change attitudes and to eliminate the fears and stresses typically associated with change and the unexpected.  



  • Refine your ability to interpret an unpredictable environment
  • Show you how to embrace change and the unexpected
  • Provide a detailed description of unique managerial coping strategies
  • Demonstrate the importance of holding peers in mutual reliance and respect
  • Explain how improvisation relies on the individuals’ ability to both lead and follow
  • Stress the importance of a common goal among colleagues
  • Emphasize the necessity of both the individual’s and the group’s commitment
    to success
  • Define the “art of agreement” and discuss its value in workplace strategy


  • Improved listening and communication skills to enhance authentic connections
  • Leadership credibility among direct reports
  • The ability to brainstorm efficiently
  • Stress management around change
  • Superior stress and crisis management skills
  • A high performance team dynamic
  • Advanced problem-solving skills


This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can accommodate up to 24 participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional trainers for the single event.   


One or two days