Teddy Bears for Children!

A furry friend when a child needs it most!


Charity events touch the lives of everyone involved. This very special program will have your group moving through a traditional team building program but then (much to their surprise) culminating in a teddy bear building event for a very special cause.

Individuals involved in this fun and challenging charity-based program increase critical thinking and problem solving skills while taking part in a wonderfully altruistic event. The bears will find a temporary home in emergency vehicles which respond to a life altering crisis – police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and paramedic vehicles. When these local heroes find that children are involved in the crisis, they will pull out one of these special bears and allow the child to hug and hold this furry friend, providing companionship during a frightening and traumatic time in their lives. The bear is theirs to keep for the duration of the event and beyond, traveling with them wherever they go – eventually home as a life-long companion and friend! 

Participants divide into small work teams. Each team must complete a series of mini-games/activities which promote working together and sharing with others. As they complete each activity, they earn fun points, which drive the passion and energy to successfully complete each event. The last event is introduced as an “Apprentice” style activity during which they earn the materials and resources necessary to build a teddy bear. Included are accessories - shoes and clothing which add life and character to the bear. The bears are checked by our team of “bear inspectors” to insure a quality product and are compared with other bears. 

As we wrap-up the program, the participants are visited by a very special guest who will accept the donation and share poignant and touching stories with everyone as to how these bears will become future companions to children at a time when they need to hug and hold a furry friend! 



  • Celebrating company benchmarks
  • Community service 
  • Annual debrief and mission updates
  • An add-on to a sales meeting
  • Any all-hands event


Large area: Oversized meeting room, ball room or other large working space.


  • Leadership skills
  • Healthy competition
  • Morale boost
  • Pulls teams together


This program can be conducted for groups of 4 or 400!


90 minutes. This program can be shortened or lengthened based on group size
and other factors