Our clients are very important to us.
Our goal is to help them achieve success.

TrainingPath’s reputation is centered on the exceptional level of facilitation from our experienced trainers. We score consistently high ratings in the after-program evaluations in conjunction with countless unsolicited acknowledgements and recognition. TrainingPath engages the most energized and qualified facilitators in the industry to provide our clients unsurpassed program delivery.

Audio Technology

"Energy and spirits are high back here in the office thanks to the TrainingPath™ program we just took part in. We have been telling our colleagues about our 'awesome' day and referencing your activities in our working conversations."

M.E., Bose

"Personally, I walked away with many valuable take-aways, including a new-found appreciation for the strengths of the individuals in this group and a stronger belief in our ability to pull together and met and exceed our goals."

K.M., Bose



"I've been meaning to send this letter for over a week now. In a way, it is a testament to the 'lasting impression' Roy and his team of facilitators had on me and many others who participated in the teambuilding experience. I am happy to feedback that the day exceeded our expectations. The event was rich with opportunities to develop relationships, new learning’s and teamwork, and, as we hoped, was a lot of fun! Please extend our appreciation to Roy and his team for developing and delivering a program that was both valuable and enjoyable. I look forward to working with you again."—G.G., DuPont Pharmaceutical

"The program was awesome! He did a very effective job of engaging our employees, challenging their listening and cognitive skills, working together skills, and leadership skills. The debrief and brainstorming session was excellent ... and he gave us some very helpful feedback."—S.W., DuPont Pharmaceuticals

"Roy is a true professional and gentleman! He pays close attention to the functioning of each group and is timely with his verbalization of comments and / or questions which usually lead the team members to think harder and out of the box."—T.B., Biogen Idec


Financial Institution

"TrainingPath provided a variety of experiences, positive energy, and organized feedback. The debriefing was very useful in relating the activities to our jobs/work life."—K.B., Citizen’s Bank

"Fun Team activities with strong underlying real-world working environment themes."—J.S., Bank of America

"The fun and casual atmosphere in which the activities take place helped us in reaching our goals."—M.W., Bank of America


Property Management

"Roy was one of the best instructors that I have ever encountered. Not only was he able to relate each activity to a work situation but also considered each individual's behavior a strength, simply making the person aware that there are other ways to be effective, and to be open to them. I enjoyed the seminar very much."—W.B., Horizon Management

"This was a very good workshop that kept everyone actively involved. The facilitator was fantastic. It made me aware of how I can improve my listening skills and how important those skills are in so many facets of life - not just work. It reinforced the message that communication is key."—B.R. - Horizon Management

"Facilitator was terrific. He knew his subject first hand and made the workshop fun and enjoyable while teaching us a few things along the way! "—J.H., Horizon Management


International Manufacturer

"Thank you so much for a successful event. The pre-work you did in understanding the goal for the day, and customization really helped make the activity relevant to 'The Big Picture'. I've heard terrific feedback from the participants. I look forward to working with you again."—T.R., Unilever


Music and Entertainment Industry

"I was so impressed by his performance and energy that I invited him to work with the 5 departments that I oversee."—D.F., BMI (Broadcast Music Industry)


Apparel Industry

"I was very impressed in your ability at the conclusion of an exercise to tie back the outcome to ‘real life’ work experience. I look forward to setting up additional programming in the future."—L.P., Reebok



"The D’Amore-McKim School of Business has been working with TrainingPath for a number of years now. Roy and his team consistently delivers an excellent experience for our incoming MBA students as part of our Orientation. The day-long session provides strong team building outcomes, as well as helping develop their own confidence as the push themselves to move outside of their own comfort zone. The combination of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity really gets our students excited to participate. It is the students favorite part of Orientation."—T.A., Northeastern University