Time Management

Workplace Effectiveness through Time Management


Do you regularly find yourself saying “there are just not enough hours in the day”? Do you find yourself torn between the demands of work and your personal life?  You’re not alone.

Research shows that people feel busier now more than ever before. Advanced technologies create new challenges by allowing us to be contacted 24 hours per day, seven days per week via PD, email, and cell phones.  Shorter deadlines, competing priorities, and global business exacerbate the problem.  There are, however, steps you can take to regain control of your “to do” list.     

Our Time Management workshop will bring dramatic results and is born of extensive research on the techniques and strategies utilized by successful individuals and corporations.  We provide the tools and resources necessary to place control back into the hands of even the busiest folks in any level of your organization.  


  • Define “efficient” and “effective” and discuss the importance of each
  • Ask participants to ponder the question “Is this the best use of my time?”
  • Show how to manage interruptions such as phone calls, visitors, and emails
  • Reveal the remarkable impact of a proactive approach to time management
  • Accentuate the benefits of long-term planning
  • Provide insight for determining whether or not something is “important” or “urgent”


  • Self-empowerment and the sense that you control your schedule, it does not control you
  • Superior prioritization skills
  • The willpower to say “no” and the ability to recognize and respond appropriately to a variety of situations
  • Techniques to “Take back your day” by managing interruptions and understanding when to delegate when necessary
  • The ability to schedule strategically



  • Email Mastery (including current best practices on email etiquette and how be more effective with your email)
  • Making the Most of Meetings
  • To Do Lists and Planning Your Day
  • Managing Interruptions
    Organizing Your Workspace
  • Working in the Productivity Zone
    Getting More Done (in the same time)
  • Making Multi-Tasking Work For You


This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can accommodate up to 24 participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional trainers for the single event.  


One or two days