Transformational Leadership for Women

Leadership Training From Our Accomplished Female Trainers


The face of the workplace is changing and women are closer to leveling the playing field. With these opportunities come responsibilities.

The ability to handle and balance these responsibilities is key to any manager's success. Those who learn and practice the necessary skills are far more likely to achieve personal and professional success than those who do not.

Our cutting-edge Transformational Leadership for Women program is led by our seasoned team of accomplished and savvy female consultants who challenge the norm while imparting wisdom collected from years of training, study, and practice.  They share information, skills, and techniques that will equip individuals to thrive as confident leaders in all aspects of life.  This program can be tailored to any group of women looking to be empowered.


  • Address the common stereotypes associated with successful women
  • Demonstrate how to interpret and benefit from 360 degree feedback
  • Allow participants to explore how others perceive them and consider how their behaviors may be misconceived
  • Offer proven ways for confronting rather than avoiding conflict
  • Assist in defining professional and personal goals
  • Help retrieve authentic answers to the following questions: What are my natural strengths? What are my weaknesses?  What motivates me?
  • Explain how leading authentically benefits the bottom line and the overall success of a group
  • Provide a forum for dialogue within small groups as well as the opportunity for personal attention from the facilitators


  • Learn to embrace your values and lead with them
  • Accept the importance of your differences and unique experiences
  • Contribute to the success of your group by applying your personal values rather than by conforming
  • Discover an inner contentment thereby allowing your authentic self to flourish
  • Integrate effectively all aspects of life: home, work, family etc.
  • Understand the skills necessary for productive leadership
  • Face conflict assertively
  • Increase self-awareness


 This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can accommodate up to 14 participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional trainers for the single event.   


Two days