Our Happy Clients




At TrainingPath we deliver fun, interactive and engaging programs with outcomes ranging from networking and getting to know each other better, to fast-paced competition vying for gold medals, to workshops designed to enhance specific skills related to high performing teams. Our thorough assessment will ensure that your selection will be customized to match the specific needs of each group while integrating your specific goals and outcomes.


Customized Team PErformance Workshop

This customizable TrainingPath program will guide your team through a progressive series of fast-paced, fun and challenging team-building activities accentuated by rich work-related processing discussions. Emphasis on high-performing team characteristics.


Improvisation Skills/ Mastering the Moment

This improvisational workshop will enhance the participants ability pertaining to high-level collaborative communication skills, while also advancing the art of managing unscripted workplace and client interactions with positive and productive results. These workshop techniques can also be used for brainstorming and issues resolution.  


Team Building and
Corporate Events

These engaging programs are a great fit when you are looking for small or large group events which ensure fun, excitement and active participation. Everyone will certainly enjoy each other’s company while bonding in a fashion which will promote more positive and productive interactions in the workplace .



TrainingPath has identified several wonderful charity event that have proven to combine fun and engaging team building initiatives with corporate social responsibility.


Leadership and Development Standards

Leadership Development Training is an essential focus area for any successful company. Effective leaders generate higher productivity from their direct reports and beyond, while aligning with the mission of the organization.


Colleges and Universities

These facilitated team building events are fun, highly interactive, and help to develop long-term productive and supportive relationships while enhancing powerful lessons related to communication skills and high-performing team attributes. Designed to engage students from start to finish in a positive team-spirited atmosphere.



"Energy and spirits are high back here in the office thanks to the TrainingPath program we just took part in. We have been telling our colleagues about our 'awesome' day and referencing your activities in our working conversations."—M.E., Bose


"TrainingPath provided a variety of experiences, positive energy, and organized feedback. The debriefing was very useful in relating the activities to our jobs/work life."—K.B., Citizen’s Bank


"Facilitator was terrific. He knew his subject first hand and made the workshop fun and enjoyable while teaching us a few things along the way! "—J.H., Horizon Management


Case Studies


At TrainingPath, we understand that each organization has its own unique fingerprint and we prepare accordingly, matching each client with the best fit among our world-class trainers.



A major aerospace company needed a session that would enable its newly hired 160 employees to feel connected to each other and to the organization.



A large HR department needed a program that would resolve communication and cross-collaboration issues between headquarters and their satellite offices.



A Fortune 100 company’s sales force needed a better way to provide its employees with an understanding between the different functional areas within the organization.



A Fortune 500 company’s Finance and Investment department needed to promote collaboration, networking, and accountability for meaningful connections between its attorneys.



A university was in need of a program that would allow incoming honor students the opportunity to get to know each other while providing enhanced learning and community engagement.



The 50-person sales force of a manufacturing company identified that productivity was beginning to suffer due to a loss of business volume associated with a down-turn in the economy.