At TrainingPath, we work with university groups of all sizes. Are you looking for a fun and competitive high-tech orientation program for hundreds of new incoming freshman? Do you need a train-the-trainer program for RA's and orientation leaders? Perhaps you are looking for a fun "get to know you" team building event for newly formed project teams?  Maybe it is an MBA group with a focus on team performance and leadership development? Every workshop is fun and interactive and also includes interspersed lessons and process debriefs which are designed to maximize the experience for each individual student and the group as a whole. As with all of our programs, we conduct a thorough assessment and tailor the program to your specific student goals. These guided interactive team building events are designed to showcase the attributes of high-performing teams while planting the seeds to develop long-term and supportive student relationships.

Since 1996 We have delivered hundreds of team building events to colleges and universities throughout the country! Some of the workshop types have included the following: 
  • Fun and competitive "Break the Ice" sessions for Large Freshman Orientation Groups which highlight getting to know the campus while having fun using our high-tech app on iPads. 

  • RA training which includes teaching over a dozen activities which they can conduct with their own student groups

  • Challenging hands-on activities for Engineering Groups

  • Engaging team development training for Hi-Tech MBA groups with powerful Corporate lessons

  • Interactive International Studies groups

  • Emerging Leaders programs delivered through a progressive series of challenges

  • Leadership and communication enhancement for Athletic Teams

  • Scholar Retreats

  • Multi-cultural Groups

  • Medical Students

  • Criminal Justice …. and more



  • Allow students to quickly get to know each other and set the foundation for long-term supportive relationships
  • Encourage shared laughter - An experience that is not only engaging and informative but enjoyable
  • Teach individuals to identify and appreciate the strengths of their peers
  • Reveal how clearly defined goals are the foundation of achievement
  • Introduce team building activities that demonstrate effective methods of information sharing and processing experiences
  • Allow them to celebrate small victories - Bonding through problem-solving success and the completion of challenging team building activities


  • Small groups of up to 20 participants for 2-hours to full day. Capable of delivering very specific goals and outcomes.
  • Medium size groups of 20 to 80 for 2-hours and up. Can include a rotation of events and numerous goals and strategies to fully engage all participants.
  • Large orientation groups, outings or study groups of 80 to over 1,000 for 2-hours and up. A rotation of challenging and engaging fun activities!


From 2-hours to Full Day