Guided interactive team building events designed to develop long-term supportive relationships

These fun and fast-paced team building activities will engage students in a fun and healthy team-spirited atmosphere while helping to plant the seeds for long-term friendships and beneficial study relationships. 

As with all of our programs, we conduct a thorough assessment and tailor the program to your specific student goals. At TrainingPath we work with university groups of all sizes. Do you need a train-the-trainer program for RA's and orientation leaders? Perhaps you are looking for a fun "get to know you" team building event for newly formed project teams?  Maybe it is an MBA group with a focus on leadership development? Every program includes interspersed lessons and process debriefs which are designed to maximize the experience for the group as a whole and each individual participant.   


  • Fun "Break the ice" sessions for Large Freshman Orientation Groups

  • Challenging activities for Engineering Groups

  • Engaging hands-on Team building for Hi-Tech MBA groups with Powerful Corporate lessons

  • Engaging and Meaningful International Studies events

  • Emerging Leaders programs delivered through a progressive series of challenges

  • Leadership and communication enhancement for Athletic Teams

  • Scholar Retreats

  • Multi-cultural Groups

  • Medical Students

  • Criminal Justice



  • Allow students to quickly get to know each other and set the foundation for long-term supportive relationships
  • Encourage shared laughter - An experience that is not only engaging and informative but enjoyable
  • Teach individuals to identify and appreciate the strengths of their peers
  • Reveal how clearly defined goals are the foundation of achievement
  • Introduce team building activities that demonstrate effective methods of information sharing and processing experiences
  • Allow them to celebrate small victories - Bonding through problem-solving success and the completion of challenging team building activities


  • Small groups of up to 20 participants for 2-hours and up. Intimate groups with very tight and specific goals and outcomes.
  • Medium size groups of 20 to 80 for 2-hours and up. Can include a rotation of events and numerous goals and strategies to fully engage all participants.
  • Large orientation groups, outings or study groups of 80 to over 1,000 for 2-hours and up. A rotation of challenging and engaging fun activities!


From 2-hours to Full Day