Virtual Leadership and
Professional Development

Leadership and Professional Development Standards are an essential focus area for any successful company. Effective leaders generate higher productivity from their direct reports and beyond, while aligning with the Mission of the Organization.

Our Leadership Development Activities and Programs, Delivered Virtually!

Improvisational Experts

Contrary to the prevailing belief that improvising means that you are unprepared, true improvisation has its foundation in discipline, strategy and the practice of various “structures” which translate into leaders who manage faster, better and smarter.

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Power Presentations

Our Presentation Skills workshop uses innovative techniques to instill confidence in even the most timid of presenters while honing the skills of the most experienced.

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DiSC Assesment Profile

Working from a solid foundation of mutual understanding and respect, the DiSC workshop will help participants learn how their own behavioral style corresponds to others and how the management of that style can significantly impact the overall success of the group.

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Understanding Personality Traits (MBTI)

MBTI can radically improve team dynamics by presenting a clear picture of the strengths and benefits associated with specific personality traits, while giving everyone the tools and common language needed to harness individual potential!

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Emotional Intelligence

When applied in an organization, an Emotionally Intelligent company is one in which each employee has a better understanding of how they can manage themselves more effectively while taking responsibility to contribute to their fullest.

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Meeting Management

Running effective meetings requires excellent planning and communication skills training. This one-day professional training program will focus on critical working meetings.

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Time Management

Technology creates challenges by allowing us to be interrupted 24/7, via smartphones and email. Shorter deadlines, competing priorities, and global business hours exacerbate the problem.

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Customize Your Own Workshop

Have a custom request for a program or outcome for your leadership team? Reach out to a member of our team and we are happy to learn more about your teams goals and tailor a program to your organizations needs.

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