DiSC Assessment Profile

Workplace performance enhancement through the understanding of behavioral traits, all done in a virtual setting with groups of any size!

Working from a solid foundation of mutual understanding and respect, the DiSC Workshop will help participants learn how their own behavioral and communication styles correspond to others and how the management of those styles can significantly impact the overall success of the group.

The DiSC Model provides nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral styles across 4 primary dimensions. This very popular professional development workshop, designed to evoke self-discovery, serves as a vehicle for open discussion and conversations that will transcend participants’ professional lives.

Using the DiSC Profile tool, participants will be introduced to a guiding framework for understanding the behaviors of others and how to best utilize these relevant differences in the workplace.

  • Identify the existing strengths of the group and explore avenues for development
  • Teach individuals to identify and appreciate the traits of their peers
  • Show how it is possible to adapt our own behaviors in the workplace
  • Show participants how an overplayed strength can be a weakness and how to work on finding an advantageous balance
  • Replace poor habits and patterns with empowering strategies for communicating
  • Minimize unproductive conflict

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this workshop may be modified to benefit your group size, group makeup, and time available.

  • Improved relationships among co-workers, managers and reports
  • Overall communication is improved, increasing productivity
  • Increased overall effectiveness of group meeting and interactions
  • A shared language among team members
  • Balanced individuals, therefore, a balanced group
  • An appreciation for colleagues

This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can accommodate up to 24 participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional trainers for the single event.

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