Virtual Programs and Gameshows

TrainingPath virtual options cover a wide range of commonly requested goals and outcomes that equate to happy participants. From professional development to networking to fun gameshows, we can tailor the best solution for your team!

A Selection of Virtual Options for Your Organization

Virtual Competition To Collaboration

Teams begin by virtually completing various challenges while setting performance benchmarks. The goal then shifts to collaboration with workplace related outcomes and benefits. Run by one of our experienced facilitators.

Virtual Speed Networking

A series of fun and interactive polls, activities, and discussions are conducted in small and continuously rotating groups. Run by one of our experienced facilitators.

Virtual DiSC Assessment

The DiSC workshop will help provide participants with personality insights that will lead to healthy and productive workplace interactions. Run by one of our experienced facilitators.

Virtual Meeting Management

Running effective meetings requires excellent planning and communication skills training. This one-day workshop will focus on all 3 phases: Planning, developing and sharing the agenda. Real-time meeting keys including engagement guidelines, content, making decisions and time management. Action steps, delegation and follow-up, and next meeting awareness.

Virtual Price It Right

This interactive engaging virtual  game show is fun and competitive. Watch as your team works together by testing their knowledge on consumer goods pricing which is facilitated by one of our experienced gameshow hosts.

Virtual Form Of A Question

This "Jeopardy" style gameshow incorporates multiple rounds of fun question based competition which is run by one of our experienced gameshow hosts.

Virtual Survey Say

Similar to “Family Feud”, contestants will be split into teams to compete in fast-past rounds while attempting to match popular responses to pre-answered survey questions and become Survey Says champions.

Virtual Trivia Night

Four fun and fast paced trivia style gameshow competitions to choose from or mix-and-match several of them! Name That Tune, Hooray for Hollywood, Awesome 80's & Orientation Gameshow. All run virtually by one of our experienced gameshow hosts.

Virtual Time Management

This engaging workshop will give participants valuable tools and tips to avoid common pitfalls and assure the at-home virtual workday is productive. The lessons include: identifying tasks that have an artificial sense of urgency, email and message management, setting boundaries between work and home and much more!

Virtual Escape Room

You and your team need to work together to try and uncover clues, solve puzzles, and escape from the room before time runs out! Will you make it out in time? Featuring facilitated and self-paced options to fit your teams needs!

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