Virtual Corporate Team Building

These energizing team building programs are perfect for groups of any size and will be catered to meet your specific goals and desired outcomes. Each option has a number of inherent participant benefits which include getting to know each other better, fun and meaningful interaction, lessons pertaining to high performing teams and enhanced communication skills.

We Can Mix and Match Our Team Building Activities To Create A Custom Event Tailored For Your Group

The Benefits Of Collaboration (Virtually!)

This active and engaging session will demonstrate the positive attributes of team collaboration through a series of challenging hands-on initiatives. Our 4-phased approach includes; 2 sub-teams completing different challenging and fast-paced team-building activities, each group creating a lesson plan and then coaching the other group through the activity in real-time, each team completing the new task based on the lesson, and then engaging in a rich discussion for applying these collaborative principles to the workplace.

Record Breakers (Virtually!)

Each sub-team must compete against each other to set and then break the records of 10 different tabletop activities! During the event a large scoreboard, which is updated continuously, will allow each team to see where other teams stand and which records are ready to be challenged. Valuable point chips are earned throughout the activity each time a team is able to set a new standard.

Bridge To The Future

In this collaborative TrainingPath event, Bridge to The Future teams work together to build an actual bridge that has the strength to support the weight of the entire group. There are two amazing aspects of this project. First, the principal building materials of the structure are cardboard and duct tape and second, each section of the bridge will be an independent artistic representation of the future mission, goals and aspirations of the sub-group and the organization.

Speed Networking (Virtually!)

Great for newly formed project teams, onboarding new employees or merging groups of any kind, Speed Networking incorporates a series of fun and interactive challenges which are conducted in small guided table group rotations.  With meaningful and engaging conversations delivered at just the right pace to keep everyone interested and engaged throughout, each participant will ultimately converse with dozens of their colleagues. Speed Networking is the fun way to connect with new people and strengthen the bonds of existing relationships, setting the stage for open and productive workplace interactions.

Corporate Olympics (Virtually!)

This fun and the competitive event can be conducted either outdoors or in a large indoor conference or meeting space, with teams vying for gold, silver and bronze medals. Participants will be rotating through a challenging complex of activities which may include land skis, the triad time-trial, slingshot launch, chasing the numbers, pipeline, blind-escape and more! Starting with a fun and energetic series of point-producing kick-off initiatives, each sub-team will then pick a group leader, choose a team name and then compete head-to-head!  As the challenges are completed, points are earned and a running total is established with the live scores driving the competitive fire and passion!

The Structure (Virtually!)

This challenging event is all about great communication between teammates to complete the goal of building an exact replica of a pre-built structure! By assigning the roles of looker, runners, store keeper, and builder, the lines of communication and information sharing are critical to success. At the end of the time frame, each of the new structures are brought to the main function space and examined to determine accuracy.

Kiosk (Virtually!)

In this creative and informative event, each team will work to build individual display booths representing their department within the organization. The completed structures are designed to exhibit an inspiring interpretation of the current status, working structure, and future vision of this particular segment of the organization.

Project Egg

Each sub- team will work toward designing, building and marketing a device that will protect real eggs from breaking when dropped from a specified height. Only the materials provided can be used and the final product must come in at or under the required budget. Total focus and rapid decision-making and are required to contend with the shifting customer needs and tight time-frame. Teams will be vying for a single “contract” and thus will be judged during the presentation by the potential client with very specific criteria. Once each team has presented a single 2-minute marketing pitch that highlights the name, slogan, tools and unique qualities and selling features of their product, the ultimate drop test is conducted and a “winning” team is selected.

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