Engaging Programs that Inspire and Compel

TrainingPath has identified several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that have proven to be engaging team building experiences for the participants while having a powerful impact on the community. 

Bike Build Donation

Here’s a fun and interactive team building activity that offers a special opportunity to make a difference in the community and for those less fortunate. 


Teddy Bear Charity

This very special Team Building and Charity program is a touching event for all involved. After completing several light, fun and interactive team activities, the group will garner the materials to build teddy bears. The recipients for this wonderful donation are typically non-profits who work with young children including family shelters and the emergency personnel who work with ambulance, fire trucks and patrol to hand out to children in need during an emergency.


 Military care package Donation

This TrainingPath charity team building event combines engaging teamwork exercises to earn the points needed to acquire materials and build care packages. After assembling the care boxes, which contain the items most requested by military personnel out in the field, teams write personalized notes to include with their gift. Your donation will be sent directly to organizations which identify the service men and women who would most benefit from this impactful and rewarding event.


Charity Mini Golf Course Build

Charity Mini-Golf Course Build is a fun charity team building program where your group will design, construct and play mini golf course holes which are built using cardboard, artistic materials and canned and boxed food items. Working in teams, each hole has a special theme and rules, unique to that hole. After the course has been assembled, an entertaining tournament ensues with scoring and fun competition. Once completed, the course will be deconstructed and the food donated to a predetermined food bank or similar organization.


Wheelchair Assembly Donation

Wheelchair Assembly Donation is a corporate social responsibility program born out of a desire to help American veterans and others with various mobility challenges. In this fun and worthwhile program, groups use teamwork skills and iPads to complete tasks to earn the materials necessary to assemble these new wheelchairs for donation.