Military Care Package

After assembling the care packages, which contain the items most requested by military personnel out in the field, teams can write personalized notes to include with your packages. Your donation will be sent directly to organizations which identify the servicemen and women to send these packages.

Examples of the various virtual exercises may include a group “survivor” based scenario, trivia, mind bender puzzles and problem-solving initiatives presented on iPads®. Teams also earn points by demonstrating high-performing team attributes such as clear communication, leadership, innovation and team spirit.

After all the items have been acquired, teams will assemble their military care packages and add personal touches in the form of letters written to the recipients that will be included in the boxes.

The care package supplies have been carefully chosen, based on the items most requested by service men and women and their families.  Your team will leave this event with a deep sense of patriotic accomplishment.

  • Celebrating company benchmarks
  • Community service
  • Annual debrief and mission updates
  • An add-on to a sales meeting
  • Any all-hands event

Large area: Oversized meeting room, ball room or other large working space. We can also send pre-assembled care packages directly to supporting organizations for virtual programs!

  • Leadership skills
  • Healthy competition
  • Morale boost
  • Pulls teams together
  • This program can be conducted in groups of 4 to 500+
  • Typically 90 minutes but can be shortened or lengthened on request.

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