Power Presentations
Communication Skills
Which Inspire Other to Action!

It's no secret that the ability to speak effectively and with confidence to groups is one of the strongest and most impactful assets in the corporate world.

Research shows that this one skill can be the difference maker pertaining to leadership enhancement, promotions and upward movement. A successful presenter opens doors to countless opportunities.

Our Presentation Skills workshop uses innovative techniques to instill confidence in even the most timid of presenters while honing the skills of the most experienced.  Anyone who is required to share critical business information, compel others to action, or enhance persuasiveness will benefit infinitely from this workshop.

  • Teach you the specific skills vital to powerful and compelling presentations
  • Establish the difference between “sharing” information and “presenting” it
  • Demonstrate how you can deliver an action-provoking presentation on even
    the toughest of topics
  • Use video as a tool for understanding how your audience perceives you
  • Show how you can asses your audience and tailor your presentation accordingly
  • Allow participants to define individual style and delivery
  • Recommend the most effective audio visuals including PowerPoint, handouts
    and more, and illustrate how these can be customized to your presentation goals
  • Address the use of “special touches” including analogies, statistics, quotations,
    and more
  • Offer tips for maintaining composure and staying on track when the
    unexpected occurs
  • Identify and define the keys to keeping your audience involved
  • The models and tools needed to prepare and plan effectively
  • The ability to build rapport with your audience
  • The confidence to use your body and voice as your most effective audio/visual
  • The capacity to recognize and incorporate new techniques from other presenters
  • Authority and credibility! Develop the poise and competence of an influential speaker and respected leader
  • How to overcome the pre-delivery jitters
  • Corporate Executives: how to deliver compelling messages with clearly defined objectives that move others to action.
  • Managers, Team Leaders and Emerging Leaders: For those who want to present critical information with confidence and clarity to all levels of your organization
  • Trainers and Consultants: Improving public speaking, platform skills and one-on-one communication.

This program can be conducted for any group size. Each trainer can facilitator can accommodate 200 virtual participants – larger groups will require multiple workshops or additional facilitators for the single event.

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